Don’t work harder

leadership women only Dec 19, 2020

Jacinda Adern is one of my favourite leaders right now. She has shown great courage, she's not afraid to show vulnerability, she is able to communicate empathy to a whole population. And she's not afraid to be a little self-deprecating as her tweet below shows. 

Did you know one of the big reasons she became Prime Minister of New Zealand is because of one core relationship she had - and she hadn't formed it in order to get into parliament at all. 

That story is just one thing participants heard in the 'Don't work harder' webinar. 

If you are stalling your career because you’re worried about never seeing the kids in daylight again, then you will want to watch this webinar. Find out why working harder is not what you need to do to get your Make a difference role. Get access to the webinar at 


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