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See what women are saying about working with Rochelle Marie

When I started a new role at work I was overwhelmed, in over my head but also a little excited to be learning something new and proving to myself I could do this. Working with Rochelle I learned coping mechanisms for when I felt overwhelmed and I learned to have patience. Rochelle encouraged me to believe in myself. I truly believe I wouldn’t have developed my knowledge and skills if I hadn’t had your support but more importantly I think I became a stronger me because of you.

Nicole H.

Are you ready to become the leader you wish to see in the world?

Think of ANY female leader or authority you look up to.  Chances are, you look up to them in part because they come across as authentic and confident.  

But there is probably something else they have, that you may not have noticed.  A team that has their back, gives them support and lifts them up, emotionally and mentally!

I mean, can you show me ANY female leader today who has got to where they are without a community behind them? 

You can't!

So, the real question is: is it just a coincidence that all female leaders have that in common?!

NO! In fact, it's having that supporting team that allowed each of them to become the leaders that they are today, and it can do the same for you!


Do you ever think...

  • If I just fixed this one thing (I'm too loud, I'm too quiet, my accent, my clothes) I would be in a leader role by now

  • I'm going nowhere in my career and I'm just stuck at this level?

  • I've put in all this time, effort and energy and am not seeing the results

  • I have so much to give, so much I want to achieve, I'm just not getting the opportunities
  • Do I really need to sacrifice my values and play politics to get my dream role? 
  • Why am I overlooked for promotion oportunities while others are moving up?

Because I did. I thought all of those things and more, until I intentionally surrounded myself with my support team, worked on becoming the best version of me, and levelled up my leadership to become a Next Level Leader.

So I've ensured it's these types of issues that get resolved once you join the Accelerate Your Leadership Community


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What you need to know is:

Getting a leadership role isn't about learning more leadership skills.

Look — before I got my leadership role I had been sent on so many leadership courses I'd lost count. I'd been taught how to manage performance, how to communicate, even how to recruit and hire people for my team.

But none of that helped me get a leadership role.

Why not? 

Well for one, I don't know about you, but a 2 day course and back into work mode never really worked for me.

Secondly, and this one was key - those leadership skills are not what makes the difference between another opportunity slipping past you, or finally getting that leadership role.

It's time to recognise that there are far more important things we can do to help us take control of our careers than learn another leadership skill.

It's also time to recognise it takes a village to raise a leader. I know leaders are often portrayed as 'lone wolves', but that's because the traditional picture of a leader is a man. 

Why do we think as women we need to do it alone too? 

We don't! 

Too many women try to muddle through their careers on their own, and then wonder why they burn out or simply give up on their aspirations and settle for mediocrity.

This is an outcome I want to help you avoid.

Family and friends can be great at making you feel good, but what really shifts your life and empowers you to make a big impact are women going through exactly what you are.

Women who won't just be there to empathise with you, but will also be there to kick you in the butt when it's needed, give you frank and fearless feedback and share strategies and tactics they have learned as they go through their own career journey.

Not only that, but so much more value you will wonder if it's too good to be true.





A space with friends where you will reclaim your confidence, secure support, and level up your leadership (without working crazy hours to prove yourself), all while being authentically you

...with No Locked In Contract!

  • Imagine breaking through the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back so you stop getting in your own way

  • Imagine being able to weather any storm work and life can throw at you and bounce back stronger than ever

  • Imagine being part of a community of amazing ‘I got your back’ women who will empower and inspire you, all while you are empowering and inspiring them

  • Imagine knowing how to position yourself as a leader and getting opportunities you never thought possible

Here's what Nat L has to say about the community...

Yes, I'm ready to jump in!

So what's this whole ACCELERATE YOUR LEADERSHIP COMMUNITY about anyway?

So glad you asked...

The Accelerate Your Leadership Community is everything you need to learn how to Reclaim Your Confidence, Get Set With Your Mindset and Level Up Your Leadership Abilities… 


Once inside you will find: 

The Accelerate Your Leadership Signature Course (Value $1297)

This six module course will lead you step by step to Be the Person + Secure your Support + Show Up as the Best version of You = Get that Make A Difference role.

Comprised of short, focused lessons, exercises and worksheets to guide you, and experiments for you to implement, all while being supported and guided by the Community.


One new masterclass each and every month (Value $97 each)

Topics covering key leadership skills (yes, you do still need them, they're just not what will get you promoted ;)), mindset shifts, how to find more time and how to make your job more fun!


Access to the private community (Value - your sanity)

Ready to find your leadership bestie?

This community will be the resource that's always there when you need it and loves you for who you are.

Inside the private Facebook group you get to ask all the questions and get all the answers. Rochelle goes live regularly to answer your questions from inside the group and provide feedback, give recommendations and ask you the hard questions that will make you think.

Access to the Interviews with Leaders series (Value $27 each)

Each month Rochelle interviews a mum just like you who has made it to that 'make a difference' leadership level. We go through how their career progressed, what they think made the difference in getting them there, and how they balance leadership and children. See what is possible for you and hear the stories of how to achieve it.

You will have access to our whole library of interviews, and the chance to catch the interview live and ask questions!


Join the Monthly Hot Seat Call (Value $77 per month)

Each month I get on a call and give you the opportunity to sit in the hot seat and when you're ready, get coaching around your current challenges. No longer feel stuck with nowhere to turn.

One of the most exciting things about a hotseat is seeing someone else ask a question you didn't even know you had. So many ah-ha moments to be had!


Mindset minute videos (Value - life changing)

Every week watch a quick video containing actionable steps you can take to shift your mindset so you continue to become the best version of yourself.


Why a membership and not a course?

I know you are used to seeing leadership courses that have a beginning and an end. And I considered offering this to you as a super charged leadership course, with a set start date, end date, and make you fit in with my schedule. I know there are two day courses out there for $1997 that don't cover half of what you'll find inside.

But clients I've worked with, and I've experienced this myself, come back from those leadership courses to a lack of support and no chance to ask questions or be held accountable for practicing the new skills.

This membership model gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a community that is here to support you, to keep you accountable, to lift you up when you've had a tough day. 

Working through the Accelerate your leadership journey signature program will typically take you roughly 6 months if you are taking action as you go, which is incredible value right there. But I know you will want to stay in the community even after you complete the course for all of the other value you will gain.

Why is Rochelle the best person to guide you to your make a difference role?


After returning to my career from a 12 year gap where I raised my children and worked in ‘just jobs’, I started getting frustrated with the pace in which I was progressing when I knew I had more to give.

I saw so many managers around me letting down their staff - from micro managing to leaving for a weeks vacation without letting the team know!  On the flip side I knew amazing women who had real leadership qualities yet weren't getting the same types of roles.


Photo of Rochelle Marie
So I took the time to work out what was really going on and I discovered 3 powerful lessons:
  • The traditional ways we are told lead to promotion and leadership roles don’t work for women as well as they do for men.
  • Your life, your rules. Knowing and embracing who you are is powerful – don’t let someone else’s story become your own. 
  • There has always been a Leader within, you just have to step back into her with confidence and allow her to shine. She’s there, trust me.


The AYL Community will take you through the clear steps that will not only level up your leadership abilities, but will show you how to do that while still being authentically you.

I truly believe there has never been a better time for women to take control of their careers and, in the words of Rhianna 'shine bright like a diamond'. I'm here to support you to make the most of this moment in time.

If you find this resonates with you, then you've found your village, your community, and we are waiting inside to welcome you with open arms. 

Rochelle Marie 


Why I'm Not Charging as Much as I Should for this Community:

When I first started getting serious about being a leader and making a difference, I searched high and low for the exact same resources available to you inside the Accelerate Your Leadership Community. 

The best I could find was a $10,000 AUD academy :0 And I seriously considered it, even though I didn't have that kind of money spare at the time.  

Instead I decided I would recreate all that I was looking for on my own.  

So I did.

It took two years, some serious 'stepping out of my comfort zone' experiences, a lot of trial and error, and hours and hours of my time. 

I don't want those to be your only choices.

It doesn't need to be a decision between $10,000 or hundreds of hours and a lot of trial and error.

With my mission to empower and inspire 100,000 women to make a difference, I am here to impact as many women as I can.

And this is where it starts.


The monthly investment won't stay this low for long as I know the value of the group will continue to grow over time as more resources are added to the member vault. 

But as one of our early members of the community, you get to lock in this price for as long as you remain a member. 

That's right - no matter what the price goes up to, and quite honestly it's easily worth 4x this amount, you will not get charged a cent more than $77 AUD per month.

So, if you are ready to take control of your career, get the support you need and level up your leadership to get that make a difference role, click the link below and I'll see ya soon!




Facebook Group Member Price:

AUD $1297 

AUD $597 for 12 months access to all the material, ongoing masterclasses, hotseats and more!

Click Here to join the Accelerate Your Leadership Community today

What is the refund policy for Accelerate Your Leadership Community?

The Accelerate Your Leadership Community has a 30 day Money Back Gaurantee. If you work through Module 1, complete the exercises and submit the assessment and after completing that don't think this is for you, I will gladly refund your full investment.


Will I receive ongoing support?


The private facebook group is at the heart of the Membership. It's where you will receive and give support, find me discussing topics live, and sharing your wins and your challenges. You will have access to the group for as long as you are a member.

There will also be monthly hot seat live sessions where you will get to ask questions and get instant feedback. You can attend these live - with or without kids, or catch the replay if you can't make it.

Once your 12 months is up you will be offered a special, monthly price so you can stay in the community, still getting the support and added content each month.


I'm a busy mum, am I going to be able to fit this stuff in?

Yes. Each lesson is about 5 minutes long so you can watch it in those 'in between' times - you know, when you're waiting for a pot to boil, in the doctors waiting room, kids are finally tucked up in bed for the night.

The exercises may take a little longer, but most of it is thinking time, which you can do on your commute or while having a well deserved cuppa. 

We also have a section dedicated to getting more time back in your day, so joining will be the best investment of your time there is!


Will there be a reason for me to stick around after I've completed the signature program?

Yes! We will be continually adding interviews, mindset minute videos, recommendations and masterclasses to help enhance the value of the vault each month. 

You will also continue to get support through the relationships you build in the facebook group and the hot seat sessions. 


Is it really only $597 AUD for 12 months access?

Yes. As a Facebook Group Member, this special price is just for you - for connection, information and invaluable support from Rochelle and the other amazing women in the community. And yes, that's Australian Dollars!

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